LeiaPure Skin Transformation Story: Karen C.

It’s truly an exciting and wild ride being on this LeiaPure journey with our beloved skincare and beauty enthusiasts who are getting to know our brand even more and proving to be loyal customers. We are beyond grateful and we couldn’t be happier knowing that a lot of you personally get in touch with us to simply give positive feedback, ask questions and try to learn more about us and our skincare philosophy.

This time, we want to know more about YOU! Yes, you! You fuel our passion to continue offering the best clean skincare so of course we want to know about you and your very own Leaipure Skin Transformation experience! Every now and then, we will be picking a LeaiPure user to be featured on our website and of course, exciting LeiaPure goodies will be given!

We start off with this series with Karen C.

LP: What products are you currently using?

Karen: I’m using Hydra C Vit C Serum, Velvet C Vit C Serum, Miracle Repair Serum, Purifying Tonic and Fruit Enzyme Soap.

LP: How long have you been using the products?

Karen: 8 months

LP: How is your daily skincare routine like?

Karen: In the morning and at night, I wash my face with the fruit enzyme soap then apply the toner, then use the serums interchangeably during the week.

LP: What changes have you observed?

Karen: During the start, I didn’t see changes yet but after 3 weeks, I observed that gradually, my dull skin looked less haggard and I looked like I was blooming. Since then, my skin has always looked so fresh and I am happy because of that!

LP: What are your fave products?

Karen: Hydra C and Velvet C Serums

LP: Would you recommend LeiaPure?

Karen: Yes because it’s effective, safe and organic!

To give a backstory about Karen previous skin condition, she used to have dry and dull skin with occasional blemishes but now, after a continued 8 month use, her skin condition is normal and can we just say, she is glowing! We love the fact that her experience didn’t involve any pain. She didn’t experience irritation, dryness and burning sensations! This is why we only use natural, gentle yet highly effective skincare ingredients because, truly, this is the outcome we want for all of you!

We want to hear about your LeiaPure Transformation! Send us a message with your before and after pictures and you might just be the next one to receive skincare goodies from us and a chance to be featured on our website! Stay safe, babe and as always, stay glowing!

Insider Tips on How to Pick the Best Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serums aren’t so new. In fact, they’ve been gaining traction for the last 5 years or so. There’s no stopping its popularity. It has rightfully owned a permanent spot in every skincare fanatic’s beauty arsenal. Vitamin C effectively reduces hyper-pigmentation, improves uneven skin tone and rough skin, reduces fine lines, acne scars, and brightens one’s complexation while minimizing dullness! What’s more is with daily use, it can help keep signs of premature aging at bay. With all these wonderful benefits, it definitely deserves holy grail product status!

Vitamin C Serums are now a dime a dozen. With all the choices that are available, choosing one can be confusing. Knowing how to pick the correct Vitamin C serum for your unique skin requirements is essential and can actually make a big difference in terms of seeing desired results! Here are some of our insider tips:

Choose the one that only uses clean ingredients– We can’t say this enough but what you put on your skin gets absorbed so nasty chemicals and irritants must be avoided at all costs because these are not only detrimental to your skin but to your health as well. If left unchecked, these seemingly harmless products loaded with cancer causing ingredients can do more harm than good so always read the label. Opt for all-natural, organic, vegan options because these are gentle yet effective and most importantly, they are healthy and safe for daily use.

Know which Vitamin C serum formulation is best for your specific skin type- The truth is, we all have different skincare needs and what might work for your friend might not work as effectively on you. In some cases, what works great for someone might be a complete disaster for another. To solve this dilemma, it’s good to know what works for your skin type. It’s actually quite simple, if your skin is dry and easily irritated, then oil-based vitamin C serums are for you. This goes for aging and mature skin as well. For oily, easily clogged, acne prone skin, it’s safer to stick with water-based formulations majority of the week while applying oil-based twice to three times a week only.

LeiaPure’s got your back! We have identified this need and that’s why we made not 1 but 2 kinds of Vitamin C Serums! Meet our 2 best-selling Vitamin C serums:

Velvet C Serum– Hailed as one of Cosmo’s 10 Best Vitamin C Serums, this serum is becoming everyone’s favorite! Velvet C is a multifunctional antioxidant that helps fade old acne marks and other forms of hyper-pigmentation while being anti-acne as well. It gives you that luminous glow by maintaining hydration while protecting your skin from further damages caused by sun exposure and environmental pollution. Rich in Gondoic, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which help skin types that need deep nourishment. Linoleic fatty acids help to hydrate and moisturize the skin and also alleviates symptoms of psoriasis and eczema while the whopping 20% Ascorbic Tetraisopalmate helps you achieve that positively bright skin tone while still being gentle even on the most sensitive of skin types. Best applied under your favorite sunscreen because it boosts the SPF’s power.

Hydra-C Serum– This brightening oil-free serum is perfect for those who prefer water-based products! All the goodness of a Vit C serum without the greasy feel! This super product combines vitamin C (ascorbil acid) with alpha arbutin and other ingredients like AHA, white mulberry, vitamin b3, centella asiatica, fermented rice wine which make it nourishing, soothing and compatible with a wide range of other skin care products from LeiaPure. It brightens skin tone, diminishes visible signs of aging and protects skin from further environmental damage. Weightless and fast-absorbing, this gel formula diminishes the look of dark spots, unveiling a more even skin tone without feeling heavy and greasy. Perfect for warm and humid climates! Effective yet super gentle, this can be applied 2-3 times a day if desired.

Now you know what’s good for you, go grab a LeiaPure Vitamin C Serum of your choice!Trust us, you’ll thank us later. Stay glowing, babe!

Why Choose Natural Soaps Over Commercially Made Soaps

Eating clean, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are the key factors in ensuring good health. We all strive to avoid vices like excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and exposure to pollution because we know these can potentially harm us but did you know you can actually absorb chemicals and toxins unknowingly just by taking a shower?

Our skin is the largest and only exterior organ and whatever you put on in gets absorbed. If you are using commercially made soaps with ingredients that sound strange and are hard to pronounce then chances are, you’ve been accumulating a lot of chemical build-up over the years. Break this cycle by using naturally made soaps instead! Mass produced soaps have harmful chemicals and additives that damage your skin and your health. It’s important to educate yourself by knowing which ingredients are harmful. Read the label and ditch soaps that have the following:

Parabens: Known chemical preservatives usually used in mass produced soaps, controversial ingredient known to cause skin irritation and sensitivity.

Phthalates: Causes cancer, an ingredient used to produce plastic.

Petrochemicals: Made from petroleum, widely considered unsafe for humans because of the lack of studies known about the longterm effects on health.

Synthetic Perfume: Artificial perfume scents inked to allergies and hormonal issues, causes skin conditions and aggravates alleges and acne.

Artificial Coloring: Widely used in mass-produced soaps that cause skin irritation and skin sensitivity.

Now that you know which ingredients are harmful, you must now know about the clean, natural and wholesome ingredients that make a soap super healthy and beneficial. Healthy soaps have the following:

Natural and Organic Oils: Helps moisturize and nourish the skin, prevents dryness and helps manage skin irritations and itchy skin.

Organic Essential Oils: Beneficial for some skin issues and naturally gives soaps their great smelling scent. Calms, soothes and relaxes without having any negative effect on one’s health.

Natural Coloring and Dyes: Naturally derived color and dyes from wholesome sources found in nature.

Want to know the truth about commercial soaps? Due to higher production costs for mass-producing soaps, these companies cannot ensure the use of natural ingredients. They usually cut costs by using cheap chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Furthermore, safe manufacturing practices aren’t usually enforced due to poor working conditions in large factories. The only goal for these brands is to make money and as a consumer, we must make an informed choice and pick skincare products that are good for the skin, give results and don’t harm our health.

LeiaPure is committed to making only high quality soaps are made with premium organic and natural ingredients that are sustainable sourced, vegan and are free from chemical ingredients. We make them in small batches to ensure that the quality isn’t compromised. Our best-selling soaps are the Kiwi Yogurt Clay Bar which is made with skin-softening and detoxifying organic French clay; enriched with a powerhouse of deeply moisturizing and extremely whitening ingredients such as bilberry, lemon, probiotic-rich cultured yoghurt, pine bark, olive leaf, and kiwi fruit; luxuriously pampers skin with a soft lather made of golden jojoba oil in a base of pure coconut oil and our Fruit Enzyme Clay Bar which is made with naturally brightening and rejuvenating fruit enzyme; contains anti-fungal and antibacterial properties; helps prevent skin infections and alleviate psoriasis and eczema; removes impurities and toxins with detoxifying organic French clay; enriched with calming chamomile, nyamplung oil, coconut oil, arbutin, and vitamins to soothe, moisturize, and balance skin’s pH; acts as an SPF booster. Both are gentle enough for everyday use.

Now that you know the difference between natural soaps and commercial soaps, we hope you will be able to level-up your skincare game by choosing the natural and healthier choice! Stay healthy and glowing!

Curious to know about your skin type?

Each of us have different skin types and conditions. Read to know more and find out what skincare product suits you!



The most ideal skin type for many because it has a good balance of moisture

and oil. People with this skin type rarely get breakouts and generally have an even

tone accompanied with a smooth texture. Pore size for normal skin types are also most

envied because of the fact that they aren’t easily visible because of their tiny size.

Normal skin types may have minimal lines and wrinkles as aging takes place so

generally, this skin type needs good maintenance and nourishment through good

skincare and diet.


People who have this skin type will notice their skin get progressively oily

throughout the day. Makeup can easily slick off for these skin types. Signs of oily skin

are the prominence of enlarged pores, shiny skin and frequent breakouts that entail

pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. The severity of oiliness may vary depending on

many factors such as hormonal fluctuations and the weather. People with this skin type

must be careful in finding the right balance of moisture that is needed for their skin.

Over-washing the face, using harsh facial washes that strip the natural barrier of the

skin may seem like the solution to minimize oil but this may overly dry the skin forcing

the old glands to produce even more oil, thus making the problem worse. Gentle yet

effective cleansers, light moisturizing serums and creams plus Vitamin C and a

combination of exfoliating fruit enzymes may help this skin type overcome excess oil

and blemishes.


This skin type has several indicators such as dullness, lifelessness, red patches

on some areas, small pores, prominent lines and unfortunately, this is the skin

type that is prone to premature aging. There are many factors that contribute to more

dryness such as sun exposure, lack of care and nourishment and frequent skin

washing. The best advice for this skin type is to hydrate and moisturize daily and to

avoid harsh toners and peeling agents that can add stress to the skin. The use of

sunscreen daily and a diet rich in vitamins and collagen is must.


This skin type may be the most common of all because most people can

experience this kind of skin type. To simplify its definition, combination skin’s indicator is

the noticeable variation of dry and oily spots due to the varying amounts of oil

production on the face. The best advice for this skin type is to use different products

meant to address dryness and oiliness on specific spots. The T-zone is generally the

oily part while the cheeks and the skin surrounding the nose and mouth are the driest

and may show flaking and peeling. Like any skin type, proper care and nourishment are

needed plus the perpetual use of daily sunscreen is a must.



People with this skin type have a pronounced overreaction to some products caused by a number of varying ingredients. Due to this, people with sensitive skin are prone to inflammation that may manifest as redness, itchiness, rosacea, contact dermatitis and even acne. If one isn’t careful, stinging and burning may even occur which is why it is important for people with this skin type to undergo trial and error to test which ingredients aren’t suitable for them. They must also avoid excess exfoliation, scrubbing and any action that causes friction. Once they find the correct products, the sensitivity of the skin lessens. In some cases, it goes away completely.

Acne Prone

This skin condition is closely linked with people who have oily skin. This is the condition wherein frequent breakouts occur that may manifest as pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. This is mainly due to genetics and hormonal changes. It may seem logical to keep washing the face to get rid of oil but this may trigger the old glands to produce even more oil. People with this condition must find the right products when it comes to their skincare regimen. Facial washes must be effective in washing away dirt and oil yet gentle enough not to strip away the skin’s natural barrier. Light moisturizers are also a must to make sure that the skin is hydrated. To speed up the skin’s cell turnover, AHAs and fruit enzyme exfoliants must be used. This skin type needs a lot of extra care but if the right products are used, acne may be kept at bay.

Aging Skin

Everyone is bound to have aging skin but this doesn’t mean that it cannot be minimized. Signs of aging may manifest in the appearance of deep lines, wrinkles, age spots and dryness. The skin type is no longer plump and may appear dull and weathered. The biggest contributor to aging is sun exposure so people with aging skin must avoid the sun and must continue wearing sunscreen with high SPF even when indoors. People who already have signs of skin aging can still benefit from deeply moisturizing and anti aging products to slow down the progression of aging. In addition, people with aging skin must already practice a healthy lifestyle which entails the elimination of vices such as smoking and excess drinking of alcohol that can further age the skin.


Goodbye Harsh Chemicals, Hello Fruit Enzymes!

The most common complaint of people who have used these products is that they have found them too harsh. It has caused skin sensitivity such as painful flaking and burning sensations.

If you’re a skincare junkie like us, you’ve probably tried most chemical exfoliants that are available in the market. There are the harsher ones that we see in the market. Just to be clear, we aren’t haters but let’s be honest, using these products may require a lot of patience due to the fact that you need to build up your dosage gradually in order to give your skin enough time to adjust and get accustomed to the chemical properties. Another downside is that it may cause you to breakout initially due to the purging phase. The most common complaint of people who have used these products is that they have found them too harsh. It has caused skin sensitivity such as painful flaking and burning sensations. Ouch! The reality is, some of these harsh chemicals are already banned in some countries. Why risk using these controversial ingredients when it could possibly damage your face? We at LeiaPure are all about options! Our answer to gentle yet effective exfoliation is FRUIT ENZYMES!

First things first. Why is exfoliation so important? For newbies that haven’t heard of this, let this be a revelation! Exfoliating the skin helps to make it appear brighter, healthier, younger and yes, it reduces acne too! Exfoliation helps peel away the surface of your skin so that new skin cells may generate and take their place. As we age, this process slows down which is why exfoliants are needed to wake up the skin and remind them to this specific job. In addiction, some exfoliants go deep into your hair follicles to take out the buildup of excess oils and dead skin cells. In short, it decongests your pores so the appearance of whiteheads, blackheads and acne are reduced!

For skincare junkies and newbies alike, we highly suggest trying out fruit enzyme-based exfoliators. This is perfect for any skin type because they’re naturally milder making them the best option for any skin condition. Even people with the most sensitive and reactive skin type can use it! These enzymes are found in a variety of fruits such as berries, papaya and pineapple just to name a few. These super amazing enzymes are not just good for the body when you eat them but they also have heaps of benefits when applied on the skin! They induce a glowing and brightening effect by breaking down the keratin proteins that are adhering to dead skin cells, lifting oil and dead skin cell buildup away to introduce newer, healthy cells underneath.

The fruit enzymes simply dissolve away the dead skin mildly so yes, acne breakouts are significantly reduced too! Another reason to love using them is these fruit enzymes will make the products you currently use in your skincare regimen absorb faster into the skin, improving their efficacy. What a bonus! If these aren’t enough reasons to start your fruit enzyme game, then we don’t know what is!

Give fruit enzymes a go and say hello to prettier and healthier skin minus the harshness of controversial chemicals! Be prepared to get glowing!


The Best Local Sunscreen Formulation Found!

We all know by now that ditching sunscreen in our daily regimen is a big no-no. We also know for a fact that the sun’s harmful rays can cause so many unwanted skin problems. Pre-mature aging, anyone? Sun spots? Wrinkles? Oh, the horror! Thanks but no thanks!

So the question is, why is it still so hard for a lot of people to stick to using sunscreen daily? We asked a number of girls and here are the reasons why:

1. The usual sticky feeling is gross and uncomfortable.

2. The white cast makes one look like a ghost.

3. It smells bad.

4. It blocks pores.

5. It causes breakouts.

6. It’s expensive.

7. It makes me look greasy and shiny.

8. It’s so hard to apply. It’s tacky and hard to spread.

9. It takes so much time and it’s bothersome.

10. Some formulations have shady ingredients and toxic chemicals that can cause cancer!

Do these sound familiar? We’ve all felt and had the same issues with these sunscreens that are available in the market. Some brands of sun protection may have all the requirements that we want but the price points aren’t so ideal. For something that is used daily, we know that it should be easy on the pocket to make it sustainable. Well, Leia Pure’s got your back! We’ve got the best formulation that gives skin protection and the best news is, it comes with so many added benefits! Let us get you acquainted with LeiaPure’s Beauty Balm Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 50.

Just take a look at its impressive points!

1. Prevents skin cancer, skin aging and sun damage while getting an overall healthy complexion.

2. This super sunscreen easily glides on to your skin!

3. It doesn’t have a nasty smell. Totally wearable!

4. This broad spectrum, high level sunscreen is formulated with titanium dioxide and non nano zinc oxide to provide safe, natural protection from UVA & UVB rays. All non-toxic!

5. It’s fortified with nourishing ingredients and antioxidants to help lighten, brighten and smoothen the skin as it helps fight DNA damage.

6. Has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

7. Water-resistant, non-comedogenic and lightweight!

8. It blurs pores so it’s perfect to use everyday and under makeup!

9. It is affordable!

10. It’s easy to put on. Just under 30 seconds and you are done! Reapplying is easy too!

11. It gives you a natural matte finish so there’s no shine or greasy look and feel.

12. Reef safe! It loves Mother Earth just as much as it loves your skin!

13. No toxic chemicals, paraben free and silicone free!

14. Naturally tinted with organic clays so there’s no unsightly white cast!

If that didn’t impress you then we don’t know what will but most definitely, we aren’t playing! We are here dishing it out but we can back it up with results! Leia Pure’s Beauty Balm Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 50 is the game changer you’ve been looking for, babe! Try it out for yourself. Here’s a link to get you started:



Say Yes to Makeup-Free Days!

We do love our makeup! In fact, we know how to utilize it to our advantage. It is indeed an art form. With just a few strokes, makeup can easily enhance our looks from subtle to extra, plain jane to bombshell! But with anything, we believe in moderation and this is why we believe that makeup-free days are a must for any person who is looking to improve her skin condition.

Why? Here are 4 solid reasons to get you to go sans makeup real quick!

1. It prevents breakouts- Makeup isn’t completely good for your skin. Some can actually clog your pores and lead to unwanted skin irritations and acne. If you aren’t picky about makeup, some might even have nasty chemicals that could harm your health! Giving your skin a day off every now then is a great idea so it can rest and reset. This gives your skin time to heal from previous breakouts too.

2. It makes you focus on doing proper skincare- This is indeed the rest time that your skin needs so spend it wisely by applying helpful products that can boost your skin’s health. You can focus on skin treatments like your favorite LeiaPure skin serums and even wear a mask or treat your skin to a face massage to improve blood circulation. It’s essentially feeding your skin what it needs the most. Focusing on skincare without the interruption of makeup can leave your skin looking and feeling beautiful. Achieve a natural glow with no makeup at all!

3. It saves you time- Some days are just so hectic and there’s just enough time to focus on key skincare steps. CLEANSE, EXFOLIATE, MOISTURIZE OR TREAT, APPLY SUNSCREEN. That’s all and you are good to go!

4. It makes you see your authentic beauty- Makeup dependence can cloud your idea of what true beauty is. Proper contouring, doing brows that are on fleek or mimicking some makeup looks that are trendy are super fun to do but it does follow a template and sometimes, it doesn’t make us see our real honest-to-goodness authentic beauty. There’s absolutely something special about appreciating your skin’s natural state. Welcoming your own imperfections, features and uniqueness is something very liberating.

What are you waiting for? Try going makeup free at least once or twice a week and see the difference. We promise you, it will be one of the most powerful things you can do to celebrate your skin’s health! Remember to continue your usual skincare regimen to maximize the benefits. Your skin can glow without makeup! Let’s all celebrate real beauty more often, shall we? Cheers!


How to Treat Different Kinds of Acne

Getting acne is something we all hate with a passion. Getting these unwanted bumps can deflate our mood despite our best efforts to ignore them and just go about our day. They can cause insecurity for some and a little discomfort because some can actually hurt. While having to agonize and stress about acne might seem like such bummer, managing them correctly will help them heal and disappear quickly. First, we have to identify the kinds of acne so we know how to treat them. Here are the most common types:

Whiteheads and Blackheads

The kind is very common and just about everyone can get these. Whiteheads appear when the pores get clogged with dead cells or dirt, thus forming a white, circular bumps on the skin. The most common causes include a buildup of oil and dead skin cells. The best way to treat whiteheads is to avoid trying to extract them by yourself to avoid scarring. Second, is to keep the area around them free of germs and dead skin. They will naturally disappear in a week or so. Blackheads on the other hand, are usually caused by clogged pores and excess oil production due to hormonal changes. Blackheads are left uncovered and exposed to air, which causes them to have a dark appearance which makes them different from whiteheads. There are many extractors that are available in the market but it is highly suggested that you let a dermatologist treat them to avoid the spread of bacteria and scarring. As for managing them at home, we suggest LeiaPure Fruit Enzyme Clay Bar and Purifying Tonic to help diminish the appearance of these blackheads and whiteheads overtime.

T-zone Acne

The T-zone parts of the face are the oiliest therefore the most prone for breakouts. These can be found across the forehead, nose, chin in a T-shape formation. It’s often caused by

excess sebum, dirt and dust mixed with bacteria. It’s best to wash the skin twice a day with a mild, non-stripping soap like LeiaPure’s fruit enzyme soap for perfect cleansing.—-best for oily skin—- This will help dry out the pimples as well. Next, is to put some LeiaPure Acne Spot Corrector that has tea tree oil, niacinamide, aloe vera, and willow bark. These have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help sooth and heal pimples quickly.

Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne isn’t just for teenagers but this also happens to adults. This type of breakout happens due to the excessive oil production due to hormonal imbalance. That excessive oil on the skin’s surface gets mixed with bacteria and dirt thus forming massive breakouts. The best way to manage this is to see a doctor. Oral contraception is usually advised to help balance hormone levels plus antibiotics. Again, the usual skin regimen must always be practiced to ensure that breakouts are minimized.

Pustules and Papules

Pustules are pus-filled pimples on the skin that are the result of bacterial infections in the pores. The best way to manage is to seek help from a doctor. Usually, a combination of oral and topical antibiotics will be suggested to treat pustules. Papules on the other hand, are small, red bumps on the skin that often appear in clusters and can be quite painful when you move your face or accidentally touch them. Again, let your dermatologist treat them as these need expert care and management.

Cystic acne

This kind of acne is common in teenagers but may appear in skin of all ages. It starts deep beneath the skin’s surface and can be quite painful when touched or when you are moving your face. This type of acne appears when pores are clogged with oil and dead skin cells, but the main difference is that the infection moves deeper into the skin, resulting in big sized bumps that are usually very red and filled with fluid. A dermatologist should be consulted as soon as possible.


Nodules are another kind of severe acne that should be treated by a dermatologist. These are very persistent acne that may stay on the face for weeks or months if left untreated. Again, antibiotics and prescription-strength topical treatments will be suggested by a dermatologist and it is best to have regular consultations.

Acne Mechanics

This type of acne occurs as the result of heat, friction and poor hygiene. Athletes or people who live very active lives usually get this type of acne due pressure against the skin or clothes that become damp with sweat which triggers irritation and excess oil that cause acne. To best way to prevent acne mechanics is by taking a shower right after sweating, and by not wearing damp and dirty clothes for prolonged periods of time. Cleansing is the best way to manage this kind of acne. Using LeiaPure’s Kiwi Yogurt Soap after sweating will minimize acne all over the face and body.

Knowing the kind of acne you have is essentially the key but also determining the severity is equally important so you can ask expert advice from your dermatologist. Again, the best advice is to avoid extraction because this may aggravate your condition by spreading the bacteria all over your face, not to mention the scarring that will eventually appear after picking on your face so avoid this at all costs. Just be gentle on your skin and take extra care in terms of the manner of how you wash your face and how you dry it. Pat in gentle strokes and use the softest towel to avoid irritation. Furthermore, start introducing the right skincare products that are not harsh. Pick ones that use high-quality, non-toxic ingredients. Taking care of your skin by always following a skin care routine such as cleansing-toning-treatment and sunscreen are your best defenses in managing acne. LeiaPure’s Acne Clear Set consists of a Fruit Enzyme Clay Bar, Purifying Tonic and an Acne Clear Cream that can address all your acne worries. Pair this with LeiaPure’s Beauty Balm with Sunscreen during the day for sun protection and you have a complete fool-proof anti-acne skincare regimen! And remember, imperfections are normal. Just be patient with the process and you’ll have better skin soon enough!