LeiaPure Skin Transformation Story: Karen C.

It’s truly an exciting and wild ride being on this LeiaPure journey with our beloved skincare and beauty enthusiasts who are getting to know our brand even more and proving to be loyal customers. We are beyond grateful and we couldn’t be happier knowing that a lot of you personally get in touch with us to simply give positive feedback, ask questions and try to learn more about us and our skincare philosophy.

This time, we want to know more about YOU! Yes, you! You fuel our passion to continue offering the best clean skincare so of course we want to know about you and your very own Leaipure Skin Transformation experience! Every now and then, we will be picking a LeaiPure user to be featured on our website and of course, exciting LeiaPure goodies will be given!

We start off with this series with Karen C.

LP: What products are you currently using?

Karen: I’m using Hydra C Vit C Serum, Velvet C Vit C Serum, Miracle Repair Serum, Purifying Tonic and Fruit Enzyme Soap.

LP: How long have you been using the products?

Karen: 8 months

LP: How is your daily skincare routine like?

Karen: In the morning and at night, I wash my face with the fruit enzyme soap then apply the toner, then use the serums interchangeably during the week.

LP: What changes have you observed?

Karen: During the start, I didn’t see changes yet but after 3 weeks, I observed that gradually, my dull skin looked less haggard and I looked like I was blooming. Since then, my skin has always looked so fresh and I am happy because of that!

LP: What are your fave products?

Karen: Hydra C and Velvet C Serums

LP: Would you recommend LeiaPure?

Karen: Yes because it’s effective, safe and organic!

To give a backstory about Karen previous skin condition, she used to have dry and dull skin with occasional blemishes but now, after a continued 8 month use, her skin condition is normal and can we just say, she is glowing! We love the fact that her experience didn’t involve any pain. She didn’t experience irritation, dryness and burning sensations! This is why we only use natural, gentle yet highly effective skincare ingredients because, truly, this is the outcome we want for all of you!

We want to hear about your LeiaPure Transformation! Send us a message with your before and after pictures and you might just be the next one to receive skincare goodies from us and a chance to be featured on our website! Stay safe, babe and as always, stay glowing!

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