About Us

The LeiaPure Story

LeiaPure was established in July of 2017 with the purest of intentions- to manufacture clean skincare and beauty products that are vegan, organic, natural, cruelty-free and free from harsh chemicals and additives. Simply put, we are all about premium quality skincare that is clean yet highly effective in giving you the best results! Using only a combination of the very best natural, certified organic and rare ingredients from countries like the USA and Australia along with well-researched and tested formulas, we are proud to bring you skincare products that are available 24/7 online for all of you skincare newbies and enthusiasts alike!


I am so thrilled that you could visit our page! I am Apple San Luis, founder of LeiaPure. First, let me start off by saying that I dedicate all this to my loving mom in heaven and to my dearest sister, Leah San Luis. As you can see, I came up with the name LeiaPure after my sister’s name. She has been battling with a skin condition called Psoriasis for almost a decade now which is why she has been my inspiration all throughout this journey because I have been so relentless in finding ways to help with her condition.

On top of my sister’s ordeal, I used to have terrible skin too. I had severe acne, hyper-pigmentation and skin sensitivity. Just like you, I have used so many products throughout the years and just like any hopeful skincare enthusiast, I’ve been disappointed, frustrated and gutted by the ineffectiveness of these products. Truth is, it was an overwhelming ordeal because of the confusion that came with the massive variety of products marketed as “safe and natural”. In reality, they were full of harsh chemicals and unnecessary ingredients that made my skin condition worse. I had constant flare-ups that contributed to the endless cycle of acne formation and acne marks! I was also shocked to discover about the toxicity that could lead to hazardous effects caused by the ingredients in these products. It was all too saddening and scary! I nearly came to a point of losing hope but since my passion for skincare was stronger, I educated myself about skin health and I was amazed by all the learnings I acquired.

From all the learnings, I discovered one fundamental truth —— our skin is a powerful body organ capable of healing itself, that the best way is to be gentle in caring for it and to only nourish it with healthy products made with clean, truly natural, non-toxic and wholesome ingredients. Having great skin is a process. It’s not an overnight miracle that can be achieved by shortcuts. It requires arming yourself with the correct knowledge plus the patience and commitment of sticking to a solid skincare regimen that is for your skin type and doing the necessary daily care.

After years of researching, formulating and after the countless trials and errors with the team of experts in the field, we have finally come up with products that are truly clean, healthy, safe and effective. None of the bad stuff, just pure goodness that your skin needs. We created clean skincare products that are honest, straightforward and simplified. A full skincare line that will make your everyday beauty ritual blissful instead of stressful. This is how it should really be! In addition, I have made them reasonably priced because skincare shouldn’t cost you a fortune.

This is my passion and I want to make it my mission to share clean beauty that will make such a huge difference in your skincare game. I promise you this – it will be so glowingly good!

Your inquiries and feedbacks are all so important to me. Drop me a line and I’ll answer back as quick as I can!

 With all my love,

Apple San Luis