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  • LeiaPure Skin Transformation Story: Karen C.
    It’s truly an exciting and wild ride being on this LeiaPure journey with our beloved skincare and beauty enthusiasts who are getting to know our brand even more and proving to be loyal customers. We are beyond grateful and we couldn’t be happier knowing that a lot of you personally get in touch with us to simply give positive feedback, ask questions and try to learn more about us and our skincare philosophy. This time, we want to know more about YOU! Yes, you! … Read more
  • Insider Tips on How to Pick the Best Vitamin C Serum
    Vitamin C serums aren’t so new. In fact, they’ve been gaining traction for the last 5 years or so. There’s no stopping its popularity. It has rightfully owned a permanent spot in every skincare fanatic’s beauty arsenal. Vitamin C effectively reduces hyper-pigmentation, improves uneven skin tone and rough skin, reduces fine lines, acne scars, and brightens one’s complexation while minimizing dullness! What’s more is with daily use, it can help keep signs of premature aging at bay. With all these wonderful benefits, it definitely … Read more
  • Why Choose Natural Soaps Over Commercially Made Soaps
    Eating clean, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are the key factors in ensuring good health. We all strive to avoid vices like excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and exposure to pollution because we know these can potentially harm us but did you know you can actually absorb chemicals and toxins unknowingly just by taking a shower? Our skin is the largest and only exterior organ and whatever you put on in gets absorbed. If you are using commercially made soaps with ingredients that sound … Read more
  • Curious to know about your skin type?
    Each of us have different skin types and conditions. Read to know more and find out what skincare product suits you! SKIN TYPES Normal The most ideal skin type for many because it has a good balance of moisture and oil. People with this skin type rarely get breakouts and generally have an even tone accompanied with a smooth texture. Pore size for normal skin types are also most envied because of the fact that they aren’t easily visible because of their tiny size. … Read more
  • Goodbye Harsh Chemicals, Hello Fruit Enzymes!
    The most common complaint of people who have used these products is that they have found them too harsh. It has caused skin sensitivity such as painful flaking and burning sensations. If you’re a skincare junkie like us, you’ve probably tried most chemical exfoliants that are available in the market. There are the harsher ones that we see in the market. Just to be clear, we aren’t haters but let’s be honest, using these products may require a lot of patience due to the … Read more