Why Choose Natural Soaps Over Commercially Made Soaps

Eating clean, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are the key factors in ensuring good health. We all strive to avoid vices like excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and exposure to pollution because we know these can potentially harm us but did you know you can actually absorb chemicals and toxins unknowingly just by taking a shower?

Our skin is the largest and only exterior organ and whatever you put on in gets absorbed. If you are using commercially made soaps with ingredients that sound strange and are hard to pronounce then chances are, you’ve been accumulating a lot of chemical build-up over the years. Break this cycle by using naturally made soaps instead! Mass produced soaps have harmful chemicals and additives that damage your skin and your health. It’s important to educate yourself by knowing which ingredients are harmful. Read the label and ditch soaps that have the following:

Parabens: Known chemical preservatives usually used in mass produced soaps, controversial ingredient known to cause skin irritation and sensitivity.

Phthalates: Causes cancer, an ingredient used to produce plastic.

Petrochemicals: Made from petroleum, widely considered unsafe for humans because of the lack of studies known about the longterm effects on health.

Synthetic Perfume: Artificial perfume scents inked to allergies and hormonal issues, causes skin conditions and aggravates alleges and acne.

Artificial Coloring: Widely used in mass-produced soaps that cause skin irritation and skin sensitivity.

Now that you know which ingredients are harmful, you must now know about the clean, natural and wholesome ingredients that make a soap super healthy and beneficial. Healthy soaps have the following:

Natural and Organic Oils: Helps moisturize and nourish the skin, prevents dryness and helps manage skin irritations and itchy skin.

Organic Essential Oils: Beneficial for some skin issues and naturally gives soaps their great smelling scent. Calms, soothes and relaxes without having any negative effect on one’s health.

Natural Coloring and Dyes: Naturally derived color and dyes from wholesome sources found in nature.

Want to know the truth about commercial soaps? Due to higher production costs for mass-producing soaps, these companies cannot ensure the use of natural ingredients. They usually cut costs by using cheap chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Furthermore, safe manufacturing practices aren’t usually enforced due to poor working conditions in large factories. The only goal for these brands is to make money and as a consumer, we must make an informed choice and pick skincare products that are good for the skin, give results and don’t harm our health.

LeiaPure is committed to making only high quality soaps are made with premium organic and natural ingredients that are sustainable sourced, vegan and are free from chemical ingredients. We make them in small batches to ensure that the quality isn’t compromised. Our best-selling soaps are the Kiwi Yogurt Clay Bar which is made with skin-softening and detoxifying organic French clay; enriched with a powerhouse of deeply moisturizing and extremely whitening ingredients such as bilberry, lemon, probiotic-rich cultured yoghurt, pine bark, olive leaf, and kiwi fruit; luxuriously pampers skin with a soft lather made of golden jojoba oil in a base of pure coconut oil and our Fruit Enzyme Clay Bar which is made with naturally brightening and rejuvenating fruit enzyme; contains anti-fungal and antibacterial properties; helps prevent skin infections and alleviate psoriasis and eczema; removes impurities and toxins with detoxifying organic French clay; enriched with calming chamomile, nyamplung oil, coconut oil, arbutin, and vitamins to soothe, moisturize, and balance skin’s pH; acts as an SPF booster. Both are gentle enough for everyday use.

Now that you know the difference between natural soaps and commercial soaps, we hope you will be able to level-up your skincare game by choosing the natural and healthier choice! Stay healthy and glowing!

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