Say Yes to Makeup-Free Days!

We do love our makeup! In fact, we know how to utilize it to our advantage. It is indeed an art form. With just a few strokes, makeup can easily enhance our looks from subtle to extra, plain jane to bombshell! But with anything, we believe in moderation and this is why we believe that makeup-free days are a must for any person who is looking to improve her skin condition.

Why? Here are 4 solid reasons to get you to go sans makeup real quick!

1. It prevents breakouts- Makeup isn’t completely good for your skin. Some can actually clog your pores and lead to unwanted skin irritations and acne. If you aren’t picky about makeup, some might even have nasty chemicals that could harm your health! Giving your skin a day off every now then is a great idea so it can rest and reset. This gives your skin time to heal from previous breakouts too.

2. It makes you focus on doing proper skincare- This is indeed the rest time that your skin needs so spend it wisely by applying helpful products that can boost your skin’s health. You can focus on skin treatments like your favorite LeiaPure skin serums and even wear a mask or treat your skin to a face massage to improve blood circulation. It’s essentially feeding your skin what it needs the most. Focusing on skincare without the interruption of makeup can leave your skin looking and feeling beautiful. Achieve a natural glow with no makeup at all!

3. It saves you time- Some days are just so hectic and there’s just enough time to focus on key skincare steps. CLEANSE, EXFOLIATE, MOISTURIZE OR TREAT, APPLY SUNSCREEN. That’s all and you are good to go!

4. It makes you see your authentic beauty- Makeup dependence can cloud your idea of what true beauty is. Proper contouring, doing brows that are on fleek or mimicking some makeup looks that are trendy are super fun to do but it does follow a template and sometimes, it doesn’t make us see our real honest-to-goodness authentic beauty. There’s absolutely something special about appreciating your skin’s natural state. Welcoming your own imperfections, features and uniqueness is something very liberating.

What are you waiting for? Try going makeup free at least once or twice a week and see the difference. We promise you, it will be one of the most powerful things you can do to celebrate your skin’s health! Remember to continue your usual skincare regimen to maximize the benefits. Your skin can glow without makeup! Let’s all celebrate real beauty more often, shall we? Cheers!